Race Day Info

Pre-Race Registration 

On Saturday 28 March 2015 you will need to;

  • Go to Athlete Registration in the Cloud (if you are in a team, then only one team member needs to register).   You will also get body numbered at Registration.
  • Attend a Race briefing in the Cloud
  • Rack your bike in Transition on Cooks Wharf
  • Enjoy the Sports & Lifestyle Expo in the Cloud

Athlete Registration

When you register you’ll be given your race bag, which will include;  

  • 1 timing transponder
  •  Individual or Team Race Kit (race number, helmet, bike & bag stickers, swim cap)
  • Wristbands that get you into Transition
  • Safety pins for attaching your race number
  • Race bag (s)

Also at registration at the Info Desk there will be information boards with course maps, a plan showing the flow through transition, and swim wave start times. The staff at the Info Desk are also very helpful should you have any questions.  Your swim cap will be colour-coded according to your swim start wave, and your wristband will allow you to get in/out of Transition – please wear your wristband when racking your bike and at all times on race day.

With lots of competitors to get through, it’s important that you don’t leave it till the last minute to register. Take the pressure off yourself by coming to register early, look at the course maps, have a coffee and something to eat at the café in the Cloud and visit exhibitors at the Sports & Lifestyle Expo, then take the chance to walk around the venue so you know what you’ll be facing on race day.

Race Briefing

When you register, make sure you also attend a race briefing which is held upstairs in the Cloud.  The race briefing will tell you all the necessary detail you need to know for race day and will be an opportunity to ask questions if you are unsure about anything.  There are lots of briefing times held during the day on Saturday 28 March to choose from.  Look at the Event Schedule for specific briefing times closer to race day. 

Bike Racking

All bikes need to be put in transition on Saturday 28 March. Each competitor/team will be allocated a position on the bike rack which will be labelled with your race number. Signs at the end of each row of racking will tell you which numbers are in that row. Rack your bike in the space provided.  There is security overnight in transition, so your bike will be safe overnight.

Race Day

Your wristband is your access pass to the transition area, so please make sure you put it on before arriving. (Note: transition and the course are open only to competitors and race officials. No spectators or supporters are allowed in these areas). Please also have your helmet on with the strap done up as we’ll be checking this. Make sure you have your race number handy too.

Refamiliarise yourself on where your bike is located in transition and start your race prep. 

  • Lay out the kit you’ll need to go out on the bike course, and then onto the run
  • Your race number should be pinned to the front of your top, or race number belts can be used if you prefer (the number is waterproof if you choose to wear it under your wetsuit), and bike and helmet stickers attached accordingly
  • Change into your swim gear and wetsuit, and make sure you have your goggles and the swim cap from your race kit
  • Finally put on the timing transponder which is on a Velcro band that attaches around your ankle

Only the gear you actually need during the race should be left in transition, and it should be arranged neatly inside your rack area so other competitors aren't obstructed. Anything else, such as clothes for afterwards, should go in a bag ready to leave at the Bag Drop area in the Cloud, once you're ready. Make sure you've put the bag tag (with your race number on it) on your bag so we can find it quickly for you afterwards. 

Take the time to look around transition, where you’ll see signs for Swim In, Bike Out, Bike In, Run Out and Run In matching the flows shown on the transition plan.

Now head to the bag-drop area in the Cloud, shown on the plan - this is located where Athlete Registration is located at the end of the Cloud. At the Info Desk in the Cloud there will also be information boards, with course maps, a plan showing the flow through transition, and swim wave start times.  Take a chance to relax for a few minutes, chat to your fellow competitors and get ready for your swim start .  

From now on you’re in the hands of the race officials, who will take you down to the swim pontoon to start your race. Enjoy the race, and savour the feeling as you run down the finish chute and over the line.

Athlete Recovery is located in front of the Cloud, so you can hydrate and refresh after your race.  Prize giving is also located here - make sure you stick around as there are some great spot prizes on offer!

Now you can relax and head back to the bag drop area to pick up your warm gear. A quick change and you’re back to support the other competitors and cheer the final finisher.

Make sure you keep your wristband on until the last competitor has started their run, as this is when transition will be open for you to remove your bike and gear. Remember, we have the Elite racing for you to watch afterwards, so we ask that you clear transition as quickly as possible; there'll be plenty of time to swap stories with other competitors during the rest of the day!

Thanks and have a great race!