Super Sprint Race Rules

The most important rules are outlined below, and will be revisited at your compulsory briefing.  This race is being run under TriNZ rules, a full copy of which can be found here.


  • Each competitor must complete the entire course as an individual with no outside assistance in the form of support crew or race aid is permitted.
  • A spirit of friendly competition should apply throughout the race. Any non-sportsman-like conduct will result in you being stopped and given a warning.
  • Competitors must strictly obey all directions and instructions by officials and police.
  • Medical staff & Race Officials have the ultimate and final authority to remove a competitor from the race if the competitor is judged to be physically incapable of continuing the race without risk of serious injury.
  • If you withdraw from the race, please notify the timing team at the finish line.
  • All competitors must follow the official course. It is the responsibility of each competitor to be familiar with the race course.
  • A top must be worn during the cycle and run legs of the event.
  • No glass containers are to be used or brought onto the course, including transition.


  • Once the race starts only competitors who are racing can enter transition. This will apply until the last competitor has started their run - no exceptions! Remember to get all your swim gear out of the transition area before the race commences, as you will be unable to return to transition until your cycle leg.
  • No flags, signs or tape can be used to identify a competitor's bike rack as it provides an unfair advantage over other competitors.
  • Bikes must be placed in the correct rack after the bike leg of the race. Failure to do so will result in you being stopped and asked to rack your bike correctly.
  • Any discarded gear, eg: wetsuits, must be left in your own transition area so as not to obstruct other competitors.
  • Each competitor is responsible for his or her own gear.


  • All competitors must wear the official swim cap provided in your race pack during the swim leg.
  • Wetsuits are optional.  You should only consider not wearing a wetsuit if you are a confident, experienced swimmer, used to open-water swims. All other competitors, particularly young, old, nervous or weak swimmers should wear a wetsuit, and have practiced swimming in open-water in their wetsuit prior to the event. Wearing a wetsuit will keep you warm, afloat and the extra buoyancy helps you swim faster too!
  • No fins, paddles, snorkels or floatation devices are to be used.
  • No individual paddlers or escorts are permitted. The course will be adequately patrolled by safety vessels.


  • The Super Sprint Tri is a non drafting race.  This means that a space of approximately 3 bike lengths and two bike widths must be left between all riders at all times. Officials will use discretion in applying this rule, but be aware that you will be stopped and given a warning if you are deemed to be riding dangerously.
  • All competitors must wear an approved helmet, properly fastened, throughout the bike course. This includes from the time you remove your bike from the rack to the time you re-rack your bike.
  • All competitors must wheel their bike from the rack to the mount line, and must only mount their bike after they have crossed the mount line. On finishing the bike course all competitors must dismount before they cross the dismount line then wheel their bike back to be racked.
  • All competitors should keep to the left of the road when not overtaking, allowing faster competitors to pass on the right.
  • Competitors are individually responsible for following traffic laws and are solely responsible for the consequences of any infringements.
  • Competitors are not permitted to use portable music systems.


  • No form of locomotion other than running or walking is allowed.
  • No individual support vehicles or escort runners are allowed.